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Large Format

When faced with the task of creating large format printing goods, many people do not know where to turn, as local and small printing companies often to do not have the means necessary to create such items. Luckily, here at CompuPrint large format printing is not a problem; we have everything needed to create any large format printing you desire.

Whether you are looking for something poster-sized or side-of-a-building sized, we can make it happen. CompuPrint offers large format printing for our posters, wall hangs, canvas prints, banners, and any other products you might need or want. And as always with CompuPrint, our designs are never blurry or distorted; your products will be as clear and detailed as they would be on an 8 by 11 piece of paper, no matter what size options you choose.

Do not let large format printing overwhelm you; we can take care of whatever you desire. Also, our knowledgeable staff members can make recommendations for how large the items on a large format poster should be, such as font, titles, text, and images, in order to be clearly seen at various distances. Additionally, we can make recommendations for the type of paper product used for your design, especially if the design is to be used outdoors or in inclement weather.

If you are facing the job of creating a large format printing product, give us a call today. We will be happy to help you, even if you are only in the brainstorming phase, and can tell you exactly what fonts, colors, and materials are best for you.

As always, with CompuPrint you are guaranteed competitive pricing and the quickest turnaround times. For vinyl banners, we can turn around production in as quickly as one day. Give CompuPrint a call today. One of our staff members would be happy to discuss vinyl banner printing with you.

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